Bank Account Verification & Domestic Money Transfer

We are experts for B2B White Label for your brand name for your business growth.

Features of our account verification application:

  • Fast, efficient, secure online account verification
  • Securely verifies accounts in seconds

Features of our money transfer application:

  • Highly Secured and protected web application
  • Instant Money Transfer (within 24 hrs)
  • Transfer money to any bank account in India
  • Support IMPS and NEFT
  • Prepare and maintain report of transactions
  • Easily manage list of your all Customers, Retailer & Distributors

Benefits for consumer using our application:

  • Consumer can transfer money without standing in longs queues in Banks
  • Secure transactions with multiple levels of authentication
  • No hidden Charges-only minimum service cost
  • RBI approved payment system
  • Money transfer safely guaranteed